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Hey CF fam,

We have been praying and planning for what our church looks like for the next few weeks. 

We don’t need to say anything else about COVID-19 except the fact that we want to continue to be cautious and be a small part of the solution by keeping people away from each other during this time. 

Here are a few things we'll be doing through the end of March (and beyond if necessary): 

1) We are moving our Sunday services to an online service at 10:00 am. It's “Church on the couch” Sunday!!! This Sunday at 10am we will be posting our service online on our Facebook page. If you don’t like our page, take the time to do it. If you aren’t on Facebook, you can still watch the content here:

We would absolutely love for EVERYBODY to show up. Get on the couch at 9:55 by yourself or with your family and we’ll have our service. If you can, cast it to your television. In addition to that, we’d love for you to invite others online to join you. This is a great opportunity for people who don't normally attend church to see a glimpse into who we are and what we do as believers in Jesus. 

2) We will be utilizing more email, text and social media to connect with one another. Make sure your mobile and email info is updated with us HERE, and make sure to follow us: 




Text: 874-47 Change this number in your contacts to “CF”. It will always come from this number.

CF Students Facebook:

CF Students Instagram:

3) We will be looking for ways to engage our CF Students and CF Kids during this time. Particularly with the CF Kids, this will revolve around parents engaging their kids. We will help (through the channels above) by providing some Bible teaching resources, fun activities, and challenges.

4) We are looking for ways to love our community. We are working on building Care Packages for sick, elderly, and potentially people placed under quarantine. We are also working on sending in letters to residents of Nursing Homes.

  • If you’d like to donate to this specifically- you can do so HERE and designate it to the MISSIONS fund. 

Several times in history the church has been driven “underground”. The goal was to stay out of sight because persecution was so severe. Today we are driven onto the world wide web, for the whole world to see. We want the world to see Jesus!

In the midst of this chaos, we are people of hope. As we seek to be wise, we want to make the most of every opportunity by pointing people towards Jesus. 

If you have a need or any way we can pray for you please let us know!

CF is for lovers!